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Chavurah Takes the Trip of a Lifetime

By Maya Schulder, Lexi Zidel and Max Roth

Who’s on point? Chavurah is on point! What an amazing overnight trip we just experienced…….

On Tuesday morning, after our delicious breakfast, we packed up the bus and headed off on a GRAND adventure!! Our first destination was at Horseshoe Bend. Once we arrived at Chav Trip 2Horseshoe Bend, we applied our sunscreen, filled up our water bottles, and prepared for the hot, sandy, hard hike ahead. Once at the end of the hike our whole Chavruah unit joined together and admired the beautiful breathtaking view overlooking the Colorado River. We couldn’t believe our eyes it was so beautiful it looked like a picture, a green screen, like nothing we have ever seen before.

After our long 4 ½ hour drive and stopping at Horseshoe Bend, we arrived at our destination for the next 2 nights, Lake Powell.  After setting up camp overlooking the mountains and clear blue lake, we  hiked shortly down to the lake and enjoyed the cold water. Our tummies grumbled, and we knew it was time to head back for a staff cooked meal, and s’mores. After the delicious meal and sitting around the fire pit as a unit, we laid together under the stars, while bonding as a unit.

Waking up early to the deadly sunlight, we had no idea it was 5 am.  After frying in our sleeping bags, we got our breakfast and broke into 2 groups to prepare for what we thought to be an “ordinary hike.” The 2 groups were divided but grew closer together as a unit.  After being driven by our tour guides to the beginning of our anything but ordinary hike, we were guided through the most beautiful canyon that we saw at that point in our amazing trip. After a quick lunch, we then had another amazing hike called the Hanging Gardens hike, which exhausted us in the most amazing, never felt before, way.

Our next day we woke up once again to the extreme sunlight and prepared for what we knew All Chav Session 1was going to be the best day ever. Our drive was longer then we all expected, but that didn’t matter because we got to know every single person in the unit better and got to laugh together as a unit at funny movies and bond over our common interest in eating and seeing the Grand Canyon. After setting up camp and playing fun games as a unit, we were informed of a surprise we never would have expected. Our fabulous unit head, Michaela, planned for us to experience the Grand Canyon though a jeep tour. We drove in the jeep for about half an hour, but it felt like a second. We learned about the forest and got to stop at a lookout point overlooking the entire forest and Grand Canyon. We thought it couldn’t get better, but were extremely wrong. We stopped and got out of the jeep to view the most amazing site we have all ever seen, and got to experience it with our best friends and staff ever!!! We shared a special moment as a unit, hand in hand, to overlook the sun set over the grand canyon (this time the sun wasn’t deadly) and we ended the spectacular evening and overnight with pizza and soda at a nearby restaurant.

The next morning we woke up and were excited to return to camp and tell everyone about our GRAND experience.

Chavurah, what are we? ON POINT!!


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