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Kadimah Goes Out of Africa

The Kadimah overnight trip was an absolute blast. It began in Sedona as the entire unit hiked on the red sand along Oak Creek. Over large rocks and through sandy terrain, Kadimah observed nature in its most true form. Upon returning to our campsite, the Kadimah unit exerted their knowledge of the music world with a singing contest with delicious pizza settling in their stomachs. The first day of the overnight ended with the entire unit camped out in their sleeping bags under the starry skies of Sedona.

Kadimah 1The next day, Kadimah packed up camp, and began their journey to “Out of Africa”. They were taken on a tour bus as they were able to observe exotic animals from Africa. This included feeding carrots to camels and giraffes, watching a white tiger roam, and even witnessing a baby zebra being watched over by it’s mother. After seeing these animals and many others, Kadimah ate lunch while watching a live show about different creatures native to the desert. Afterwards, the unit packed up their belongings, and made the trip back to the forests of Camp Stein.