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LTP Treks to San Diego

Written by: Rachel Watman, Abby Adelman and Shira Khotim

What an amazing LTP christian louboutin womens trainers overnight trip we just got back from!!! Not only did we get to see some cool stuff and do some fun things, this trip definitely brought us closer together…..here are some highlights:

When we arrived at our campsite, we were all surprised to find out we would get to spend the LTP 1afternoon with the animals at the San Diego Zoo.  From there we applied our leadership skills by each christian louboutin womens sneakers taking turns to cook, clean, and prepare our tents and the campsite.  In the middle of the night we had a surprise visit from the campground sprinklers.  This may sound disastrous but it helped us learn to take charge, always have a backup plan, and stay calm under pressure.  With dry clothes and a fresh start on the next day we headed over to the San Diego Food Bank where we would spend the next few hours bagging potatoes. We met fellow volunteers and here enjoyed everyone’s company while giving back to the community. After our work was done we ventured off to La Jolla Beach where we took part in a snorkeling and kayaking tour.  Some of us were hesitant to snorkel but once everyone got in we had a blast looking at all the fish and we even saw some Leopard Sharks! Once we finished we shopped around La Jolla and made our way back to the campsite where we cooked dinner and bonded with our unit.

On Wednesday we set out to challenge ourselves on a five mile hike.  Due to the hot weather LTP 2and our sore muscles this did not go as planned but we had a great time relaxing at the picnic tables for lunch.  Our staff then surprised us again by taking us to see Transformers.  We did not give it a five star rating but it introduced us to a lot of laughs and inside jokes.  We had a lovely beachside dinner with food we purchased from a local farmers market. Then we were allowed to shop around the town and pick up some souvenirs to remember our trip.  That night we all participated in the tapping game for evening program.  The counselors http://www.theblc.co.uk/christian-louboutin-women-c-1  chose two people at a time to stand in a circle and anonymously tap people that they thought the statement applied to.  We all left with a greater sense of confidence.  We had a great nights rest in preparation for our long trip back to Prescott the next day.

Overall we learned more about each other and came out of our shells by finding new strengths about ourselves.  It was an amazing trip and we all had a great time.