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Rishonim Camp Out a Huge Success

By Julie Johns

Rishonim had the opportunity to spend a night at Upper Wolf Creek camp ground in Prescott Arizona. There were 36 campers along with 15 staff members and one who was our overnight specialist. Our overnight adventure started out loading all the kids onto the bus with our IMG_7462favorite driver ray, once we arrived at the site our overnight specialist Ben Cotterill along with three other staff members took the kids on a hike around the site. During their hike the rest of the staff stayed back to unload and set up all the tents for the kids. Once the kids came back they played board games, volley ball, and some were playing hide and seek.  We then made pita pizzas and also had delicious banana pudding!

After our dinner we had a min song session, and played a game where each cabin had to come up with a song depending on the word or theme we gave them. They had so much fun doing this, and it was funny to watch them all sing and dance. We ended our night with T’filah and all the kids were sent to their tents where they read, or stayed up hanging out with their friends.  Overall this trip was successful and a lot of fun, I was thrilled to hear all the positive feedback from the kids.