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Dates & Rates

2022 Rates and Dates Coming September 1, 2021!!

Summer 2021 Dates and Rates

Prices below include: All regular camp programming, off-camp excursions and other special programs, camp t-shirt, shuk (canteen), and security fees.
SessionGradesDates CBI MemberSynagogue AffiliatedNon-Affiliated
2nd - 3rd1: June 1- June 7
2: June 7- June 14* (if also enrolled June 1-7)
3: June 14-June 27
4: June 29-July 5
5: July 5-July 12* (if also enrolled June 29-July 5)
6: July 12- July 25
4th - 5th1 Aleph: June 1-June 14
1 Bet: June 14-June 27
2 Aleph: June 29-July 12
2 Bet: July 12-July 25
4th - 5th1st Session: June 1-June 27
2nd Session: June 29-July 25
6th - 7th1 Aleph: June 1-June 14
1 Bet: June 14-June 27
2 Aleph: June 29-July 12
2 Bet: July 12-July 25
6th - 7th1st Session: June 1-June 27
2nd Session: June 29-July 25
Chavurah8th - 9th1 Aleph: June 1-June 14
1 Bet: June 14-June 27
2 Aleph: June 29-July 12
2 Bet: July 12-July 25
8th - 9th1st Session: June 1-June 27
2nd Session: June 29 - July 25
10th/11th1st Session: June 1-June 27
2nd Session: June 29- July 25
12th1st Session: June 1-27 & Optional 2nd Session$4,200$4,400$4,600

**Please note that campers can only sign up for Bonim 2 if they are also registered for Bonim 1. Campers can only sign up for Bonim 5 if they are also registered for Bonim 4. 

Sibling Discount

$75 per child off camp tuition for second (and subsequent) camper(s).


Camp Stein Scholarship Program

We are committed to ensuring that every Jewish child has the opportunity to attend Camp Daisy and Harry Stein. We understand that for many families, financial hardship is the only barrier to a summer of a lifetime. Here are more details about our program and how to apply:

  • Camp Stein’s scholarship funds are generated almost exclusively by the generous gifts of members of Congregation Beth Israel. As in past summers, we are also committed to working in conjunction with non Beth Israel families and their home congregations and communities to make a summer camp experience possible for all families in need.
  • A child must be enrolled in camp for the scholarship application to be processed and considered. Scholarship assistance is provided as a credit on camp fees only for the 2021/5781 summer and may not be applied for past fees owed or transferable to future years.
  • The amount of scholarship awarded to each family will be based on the number of applicants and level of need.
  • The Camp Stein Scholarship Application for Summer 2021is currently open. You can access the application HERE. Please note that to be considered for a Camp Stein scholarship, you must complete the application in it’s entirety to later than March 1st, 2021. For any questions or concerns, contact Jennifer Walker at (480) 951-0323 or email asstdirector@cbiaz.org.
  • Announcement of scholarship gift amounts will be sent in April 2021.
Big Trip Israel

First Time Campers

We will be offering all first-time campers attending camp for at least two-weeks a $360 discount off of camp*, no need for a separate application! Our system will recognize you as a first-time applicant and the discount will be automatically applied when you enroll. For questions, concerns, or if you are in need of assistance—just call our office at 480-951-0323 or email our Assistant Director at asstdirector@cbiaz.org

*If your child previously attended Camp Stein for a one-week session and was not eligible for the One Happy Camper grant, please contact our office.

Camp Stein Frequently Asked Questions

When will Summer 2021 Registration Open?

Summer 2021 Registration will open at 9am on Monday, September 14th, 2020.

If I rolled forward any my Summer 2020 tuition, do I still need to enroll my camper for Summer 2021?

Yes! You will still need to enroll your camper for Summer 2021. This will ensure that they are enrolled in the correct unit, that any necessary information is updated and that you enroll them for the dates that work best for you.

How long will the Early Bird Discount go for?

Early Bird Pricing will end at midnight on Monday, October 26th. After this date, you will still be eligible to receive the other discounts offered, including the Synagogue-affiliated discount and the Sibling Discount. 

If you were previously registered for Summer 2020 and elected to roll forward all fees paid (above your $500 deposit) you will receive early bird pricing at any point of registration for Summer 2021.

If I am receiving an incentive from my 2020 Tuition Allocation, am I eligible for the Early Bird Discount as well?

Yes. As long as you apply within the Early Bird time frame, you will receive the Early Bird Discount.

What if I rolled forward my 2020 tuition (due to camp not opening) and we decide to not enroll for Summer 2021?

We understand that circumstances may have changed. If you rolled forward any amount, your Summer 2020 $500 deposit is refundable through December 31st, 2020. After that if you have any remaining balance, it will be refundable through May 1st, 2021. If you choose to refund the remaining balance, it will be refunded in 3 monthly installments once you have let us know if your decision.

Is your refund policy changing due to COVID?

At this time, our refund policy will remain the same except in regard to your $500 deposit. Your 2021 deposit will remain refundable through December 31st, 2020. Our refund policy can be adapted due to pandemic response. If you have any questions about the refund policy, please feel free to reach out to our Assistant Director, Jennifer Walker, at asstdirector@cbiaz.org or 480-951-0323.

If I rolled forward my Summer 2020 deposit, do I still need to pay a deposit on the application to hold my spot?

No. If you have rolled forward $500 or more, you will not need to pay a deposit. Please note that the application will still ask for a deposit at the end. If you would like to pay an additional $500 towards your balance at this time, you will still be able to do so. If you do not want to, please mark “Pay Deposit by Check” and you will be able to submit your registration without paying.

If you have rolled forward less than $500, we ask that you pay the remaining balance to meet the $500 total. You will either be able to pay $500 by credit card before submitting your application or you can mark “Pay deposit by Check”. You will either be able to send us a check for the remaining balance, or you can go into your CampInTouch account and pay the remaining balance by debit/credit card.

Please note that there is an added 3% convenience fee for any payments made by debit and/or credit card.

When will I receive the incentive for donating and/or rolling forward any portion of our 2020 tuition (due to camp not opening)?

If you are receiving any of the incentives from donating and/or rolling forward your Summer 2020 tuition, they will be reflected on your account within 5 business days of Camp Stein receiving your camper’s application. These discounts are applied manually, so please realize that it may not show up on your account right away. If you have any questions about your discount or if you have not seen it reflected on your account within the time frame, feel free to reach out to our Assistant Director, Jennifer Walker, at asstdirector@cbiaz.org or 480-951-0323.

When do I need to pay my deposit by?

We kindly ask that you pay your deposit upon completion of your registration. If you are planning to pay your deposit by check, we realize that it may take a few days to arrive after receiving your application.

The deposit is what holds your spot for the summer. If we do not receive your deposit and your child’s session starts a waitlist, we will no longer be able to hold that spot for you.

If we received a Camp Stein Scholarship for Summer 2020, will it still apply for Summer 2021?

We will ask that all families re-apply for scholarships for Summer 2021. The application will open in the Fall and be open through the middle of March. Scholarship awards will be sent out in April 2021.

What about LTP/BIG TRIP/Ozrim? Does registration for that open on the same day?

Registration for these 3 programs will open after the High Holy Days! We are getting details ready for the BIG TRIP to share with our community. We will be hosting a Town Hall for all families with campers in on of these age groups after the High Holy Days. Please look out for more information soon!

Registration Terms and Conditions

I/we hereby agree that:

Section A – Form and Acceptance of Applications

1. Verbal applications cannot be accepted;

2. Each application must be completed in full and signed by a parent or guardian in the appropriate places;

3. Applications must be accompanied by a $500 deposit with a payment schedule and authorization completed representing the balance of the payments;

4. Applications are not complete registrations until accepted;

5. Applications will, in general terms, be accepted on a first come, first served basis. However, Camp Daisy and Harry Stein (after this called “Camp Stein”) reserves in its sole discretion, the right to depart from acceptance on a first come, first served basis in the best interests of Camp Stein;

6. A deposit of not less than $500.00 is required with each application;

Section B – Deposits, Fees and Refunds

8. The following will be the conditions associated with refundable amounts:

a)The deposit will be returned in full if the application is not accepted;

b) The full deposit of $500 will be non-refundable as of December 31st;

c) All families shall pay not less than fifty percent (50%) of registration fees by January 1st;

d) All fees must be paid in full by May 1st, and;

e) All fees are non-refundable as of March 2nd.

f) If a camper’s enrollment is cancelled after January 1, 2021 and before March 2, 2021 a refund will be issued for 50% of the total balance paid. If a camper’s enrollment is cancelled between March 2, 2021 and May 1, 2021 no refund will be given except in certain circumstances at the discretion of the Camp Director.

9. Fee reductions will not be available for campers arriving late, leaving early, or missing part of the Camp Stein season;

10. All early bird discounts made available by Camp Stein will be forfeited if payments are not received by Camp Stein on or before the required due dates;

11. Payment is the responsibility of the parent(s) signing the application, and Camp Stein will not deal separately with parents, regardless of marital status;

12. I/we are the custodial parents, and that my/our children may only be released to the parent(s) whose signature appears below unless authorized in writing in advance;

13. Any requests for refunds outside of this policy must be submitted in writing and will not be considered until not earlier than the month of September following the Camp Sein season;

14. I/we will make all payments required in accordance with the rate schedule in effect on the date of registration, and abide by the conditions of enrollment and the refund policy herein;

Section C – Medical Forms and Issues and Dietary Requirements

15. I/we agree that the required camper medical form is to be completed in full not later than May 1st , and that we will ensure that any medications, accompanies the camper to Camp Stein on or before opening day.

16. Camp Stein reserves the right to cancel any registration in the event Camp Stein is of the view, in its sole discretion, that information on the camper medical form is incomplete or inaccurate or missing information on the form discovered before or after the commencement of camp suggests that it is not in the best interests of the child or Camp Stein for the child to attend Camp Stein. In such case, a full refund will be provided;

17. I/we authorize Camp Stein or its delegates, to proceed with appropriate medical care for my child as required in the event I/we cannot be reached (nor the emergency contact person provided by you on the enclosed form) within a reasonable period of time, including transportation in Camp Stein or private vehicles driven by Camp Stein staff or volunteers. Even if I can be reached, I/we authorize the transportation of my child to required medical or other treatment in Camp Stein or private vehicles driven by Camp Stein staff or volunteers, as required;

18. I/we will pay for the costs of any necessary prescription drugs and/or special medical treatment;

19. I/we hereby agree that Camp Stein’s medical staff are authorized to share complete information on the medical status and health of my child with the senior staff of Camp Stein, my child’s unit head, and counselors;

20. If for any reason my/our child requires medical attention or special medication beyond that furnished by Camp Stein, I/we agree to be responsible for any expenses incurred;

21. No refunds will be offered for continuous medical absence in the event that the cause is a widespread infectious disease affecting significant numbers (as determined by Camp Stein, acting reasonably) of persons inside or outside of Camp Stein. I/We acknowledge that no refund will be processed until the end of Camp Stein season;

22. I/we agree that I/we will abide, with respect to our child, by the vaccination policy published on our website. I/we further agree that should we not abide by that policy, our child may not attend camp.

Section D- Termination of Registration and Camper Participation

23. Camp Stein reserves the right to terminate the registration of any camper when it is deemed by the Camp Director to be in the best interests of the child or Camp Stein. In such an event, it is understood that an appropriate refund will be issued unless the camper is dismissed for infractions of Camp Stein’s policies in which case, no refund will be issued. Infractions of Camp Stein’s policies include but are not limited to smoking, drugs (including those permitted by law and misuse of over-the-counter or prescription drugs), alcohol, physical abuse, sexual harassment or activity, vandalism, bullying and any other inappropriate behavior as solely determined by Camp Stein’s Camp Director or Congregation Beth Israel Senior Staff;

24. Campers are required to participate in all scheduled activities save and except for those from which there is a medical exception provided in writing by a qualified physician whom is not a parent. Campers that repeatedly refuse to, for whatever reason, will be returned to their family’s care. In this event, no refund can be given and any transportation expenses incurred will be applied to the family’s account;

25. Campers are not allowed to have cell phones at camp. If a camper brings a cell phone to camp, Camp Stein staff will ask the camper to turn the device in to the Camp Director. It will be returned on the last day of camp. 

Section E – Special Provisions Related to the Covid-19 Pandemic

26. The following provisions apply, notwithstanding any provisions in these terms and conditions to the contrary, for the 2021 camp season:

a) For those families who decided to “roll-over” fees paid for the cancelled 2020 camp season to pay for the 2021 camp season, the $500 deposit will be eligible for a refund through December 31st, 2020. If there is a remaining balance after that day, and you are not registered for the 2021 season, those fees will be eligible for a full refund up to and including May 1, 2020;

b) I/we agree that Camp Stein may make changes to its policy regarding the required protocols use to combat the spread of Covid-19. In the event that I/we do not permit the use of same on our child, I/we agree that no refunds will be provided; and,

c) I/we acknowledge that performance by Camp Stein under these terms and conditions will be subject to laws, regulations and orders of the governments of Arizona.

Section F – General

27. I/we, on behalf of the himself/herself, any child(ren) attending Camp Stein and his/her/their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns hereby forever waives, releases, discharges and indemnifies and holds harmless (including without limitation, for legal fees and any other defence costs) Camp Stein and its respective directors, officers, members, employees, medical staff, volunteers, officials, participants, agents, sponsors, and representatives (collectively and individually the “Releasees”) and from all claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action whether in law or in equity in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to person or property howsoever caused including, without limitation, claims arising from the performance or failure of the performance of any activities by the Releasees (and also including without limitation the negligence or omissions of the Releasees) arising out of or in any way connected to participation in the sporting, social or other activities at or outside Camp Stein during Camp Stein programming, and the use of the aforementioned facilities or in any other activity in or outside of Camp Stein during Camp Stein programming and by signing below agrees on behalf of the undersigned and the participant to abide by all rules, regulations, financial policies and procedures and standards of conduct;

28. I/we permit, and release and indemnify Camp Stein from any and all claims for losses of articles and damages arising as a result of: the searching of my camper’s belongings and/or mail for items sent or brought to Camp Stein that contravene Camp Stein policy, and the confiscation of and donation of these items;

29. I/we acknowledge that parents/Guardians are strongly discouraged from taking their child out of Camp Stein during Camp Stein session. No camper will be permitted to leave Camp Stein without a written notice prior to 48 hours of requested departure;

30. I/we agree not to hold Camp Stein responsible for breakage or loss/theft of personal effects. I understand that a camper (and his /her parent) will be financially responsible for any damage he/she may have caused to Camp Stein property or any of its belongings;

31. I/we agree to be financially responsible for any acts of vandalism perpetrated by my/our child against the property of Camp Stein or any other person in camp;

32. The resolution of any and all disputes arising from my/our experiences with Camp Stein including but not limited to Camp Stein medical team, Camp Stein’s agents, delegates, volunteers, employees and Directors, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Arizona applicable therein;

33. The government of Arizona shall have exclusive and preferential jurisdiction to entertain any complaint, demand, claim, proceeding, or cause of action whatsoever arising from my experiences with Camp Stein including but not limited to treatment given to me by Camp Stein medical team, their agents, delegates, employees. I hereby agree that if I commence any such legal proceedings, that I will do so only in Arizona;

34. This Agreement and registration and any extension of such registration shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Arizona and the laws of the United States applicable therein, regardless of where acceptance of any extension may take place;

35. By accepting this agreement, I/we consent to Camp Stein’s collection and use of personal information about me and my family for the purposes of considering the within application and applying such information as may be necessary or appropriate in preparation for, and during Camp Stein season and thereafter, for correspondence purposes. I/we consent to my child being photographed, videotaped or interviewed and his/her name, image and interview used in Camp Stein publications, websites and media coverage of Camp Stein-related events. I/we agree that Camp Stein may keep such photographs, videos, images and information about us in its records for as long as it is needed for the purposes described above, even if I withdraw this application or my child(ren) do not attend Camp Stein. I/we further acknowledge and agree that if I refuse or withdraw this consent, my child(ren) may not be permitted to attend or remain in Camp Stein; and,

36. I/we hereby certify that all information given is true and agree to all the repercussions.