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For Teens

Leadership Training Program/Giborim

Entering 10th Grade

The Leadership Training Program/Giborim (LTP/Heroes) is specifically designed for campers entering 10th grade. Emphasis is placed on developing and cultivating leadership skills. LTP participants will learn and practice skills of successful leaders. Occasionally, they will work with younger campers, putting their new-found skills into action. In addition, they will gain a deeper understanding of Tikkun Olam as they work together on a significant project that will benefit the community. Enrollment is limited, so register now!

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The Big Trip ISRAEL

Entering 11th Grade

THE BIG TRIP Israel is a three-week Israel experience led by our outstanding Camp Stein staff members and is available for those entering 11th grade. You do not have to be a previous Camp Stein camper to go on this trip!

As part of their time in Israel, participants will visit historical sites across the State, build lifelong friendships with their peers along with their American and Israeli staff members, learn about a variety of cultures within Israel, and more! They will have the opportunity to see ancient and modern Israel throughout Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, hike the Galilee’s lush green landscape, and explore Masada in the Negev Desert. Teens will return home with meaningful memories, lifelong friendships, and connections to the broader Jewish community.

As of now, we are planning to run our BIG TRIP ISRAEL in June 2024. We are continuing to monitor the situation in Israel along with our program and travel partner, Alexander Muss High School in Israel.

We understand there are concerns given the current situation, and we are hosting an information session:
Congregation Beth Israel in Scottsdale
Thursday, December14 at 7pm
The session will also be made accessible on Zoom.

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See our 2024 Registration Launch email for additional information. If you have any questions, contact Stefani Rozen, at (480) 951-0323 or email srozen@cbiaz.org.

Ozrim Program

Entering 12th Grade

The Ozrim program begins the process of developing quality future counselors with a mixture of interactive discussion and role-playing exercises, along with supervised hands-on experiences. Training sessions emphasize child development, group dynamics, and quality leadership training. The core program takes place during 1st session and also includes participating in camp activities and an off-site overnight. Our OZOs (as we call the group at camp) will have the opportunity to plan and implement camp programs, shadow and learn about different areas of camp, and have a lot of Big Jewish Fun.

For our Ozrim program, participants have the option of attending for 1st session only or the Full Summer. After completing the core program during 1st session, if staying on for 2nd session you will be assigned to a cabin as a Junior Counselor and take part in planning Maccabiah (our end of summer color wars).