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For Teens

Leadership Training Program/Giborim

Entering 10th Grade

The Leadership Training Program/Giborim (LTP/Heroes) is specifically designed for campers entering 10th grade. Emphasis is placed on developing and cultivating leadership skills. LTP participants will learn and practice skills of successful leaders. Occasionally, they will work with younger campers, putting their new-found skills into action. In addition, they will gain a deeper understanding of Tikkun Olam as they work together on a significant project that will benefit the community. Enrollment is limited, so register now!

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The Big Trip ISRAEL

Entering 11th Grade

THE BIG TRIP Israel is a four-week Israel experience led by our outstanding Camp Stein staff members and is available for those entering 11th grade. You do not have to be a previous Camp Stein camper to go on this trip! Prices for the Summer 2020 trip are posted on our Dates and Rates page! Dates of the trip are June 1-29, 2020. Applications are open! For more information, contact our Camp Director, Leah Zigmond, at (480) 951-0323 or email campdirector@cbiaz.org.

Ozrim Program

Entering 12th Grade

The Ozrim program begins the process of developing quality future counselors with a mixture of interactive discussion and role-playing exercises, along with supervised hands-on experiences. Training sessions emphasize child development, group dynamics, and quality leadership training.

Our Ozrim program has been UPDATED to a 4-week program with an option to be hired as a staff member for camp’s second session (limited spots available). Once parents sign their Ozrim up for first session, Ozrim will be contacted for an interview date.  Interviews and second session staff commitment must be completed by March 15th.