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2013 – 1st Session Rishonim Find LTP Superheroes

Early in the session, our Rishonim unit (2nd-4th graders) found their super heroes!!IMG_1513

Camp Stein has a tradition of the big buddy program. Every Rishonim camper is paired with an LTP (9th-10th grade) camper, where the LTP camper utilizes their previous camp experiences to guide their buddy through one of their first experiences away from home. They are encouraged to spend time with their buddies during daily activities such as song sessions and T’filah along with the activities that are planned for the two units to enjoy together. During the kick off of this session’s buddy program the LTPers helped their buddies make super hero capes.

In the coming days, LTPers will be participating in a Limud together about being kind to animals.  They will also assist their buddies in packing for their overnight and play games in the ever popular “Casino Night.”  And, with our first Shabbat, buddies sat together at meals and services.  All in all, the LTP/Rishonim buddy program is off to a GREAT start!