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The Stein Times:

Every day during the summer we publish a little newsletter called The Stein Times. The double-sided sheet is placed on all of our dining room tables before breakfast each morning. Our campers and staff look forward to our headlines, our meal-time mixer questions, our birthday acknowledgements, as well as updates about the canoe trips, whose day it is for shuk (canteen), flag raising, and laundry. We also post The Stein Times to our online blog so that our parents can keep up with the daily menu as well as other news from camp.

Today Jennifer and Leah are having lunch with our Pardes Jewish Day School parents and so we made a little “off-season” version of The Stein Times to share at our lunch table today. For those of you who are new to camp, HERE is a taste of what to look forward to this summer! You’ll notice that this issue is light on the schedules and heavy on the talking-points since we’re not really quite in camp-mode yet…



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