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Camp Stein Renaissance Festival

Hear ye hear ye, This is a declaration to declare that both first and second session one of our most popular evening programs for the younger half of camp was our  Renaissance Night here at Camp Stein! Huzzah (which sort of means It is Awesome in Renaissance-speak)! The carouse (party) was filled with activities such as jousting, arm wrestling, crest and crown making, paint “axe” throwing and palm reading. Our campers became experts in all things Renaissance and had a wonderful time.

At the end of the night during our second session, there was an ultimate joust between many different Knights (Counselors), Sir Jordy, Sir Dylan, Sir Bryce and Sir Max. Some came on horseback (bicycle) and some travelled by foot. The Ultimate Jousting Champion of the Camp Stein Second Session Renaissance Festival came to be Sir Bryce by a hair. The night was a success! I bid thee farewell Camp Stein Family! Until next time!


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