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First Rishonim Overnight, a big success!

Greetings from Camp Stein’s most amazing unit, Rishonim! Who would have thought that 30 children could not only leave our camp, to eat and sleep out in the middle of the woods, but would also return the very next day with massive smiles on their faces? It says quite a lot about how well our campers and staff have become a true kehilah kedoshah, and it also shows what our kids can be capable of, no matter the age. rishonim overnight

We headed to beautiful Lynx Lake in the afternoon, just south of Prescott. As delicious pita pizzas were being prepared by our Outdoor Specialists, my staff and I led the entire unit down to the shore of the lake. They walked the trail with a keen eye for wildlife (mostly birds, along with several lizards), and were VERY eager to learn how to skip rocks when we reached the shore. We may have scared the fish, but it was well worth it.
After dinner was served and the campers were settled onto their tarps, we had the privilege of gathering around a real campfire, something that, at least in my 10 years, is not very common in our dry forests. Following a fantastic session of roasting marshmallows and s’more building, it was time to wind down for the night. Before we said laila tov, I told the campers a very special story (which if they ask, is completely, 100% true) about a magical elk and meadow I had found on a hike when I was a camper.
Rishonim is the only unit that has the honor of working with children in their quintessential “kid” years, when they can try new things and gain friendships that truly can last forever. All it takes is the dedication of a few incredible adults, and the Rishonim staff have been working long hours and late nights to create those opportunities every day. I could not be more proud of them, and I cannot wait to see even more of what they and their campers are made of.

Written By: Erik Rendelman, Rishonim Unit Head


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