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Rishonim Overnight Session 1

1st Session Rishonim Overnight!

Greetings Camp Stein! After a full week of fun and excitement, we in Rishonim have finally completed our overnight!

We arrived at the amazing Lynx Lake campsite in the late afternoon, and the campers were eager for adventure. As our outdoor specialists set up camp and prepared dinner, the rest of us took a short hike down to the shore. The flat sandstone rocks that lined the beach made the perfect stones for skipping across the surface of the water, and after a little practice, some of the campers really got the hang of it.

For dinner, we had spaghetti, salad, and bread sticks. We told the campers we forgot dessert, but then surprised them when the LTP campers showed up and delivered s’mores for dessert. The Rishonim campers and the LTP buddies enjoyed their evening program of crab tag, toilet tag, and other varieations of tag. Their LTP budddies finished the evening by telling the campers a bedtime story and went back to camp.

We woke up, packed up our gear, and went back to camp for breakfast.




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