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Session 2 Rishonim Overnight

Rishonim Overnight

Earlier this week we went to nearby Lynx Lake for our overnight. We unloaded the bus and set up our campsite. We then walked down to the lake and skipped rocks. Afterwards we made a delicious spaghetti dinner. Then LPT showed up to save the evening with s’mores for their Rishonim buddies. Shortly after it started raining….hard. So we packed up the campsite and took the bus back to camp.

Last night, we had an evening program PJ’s and Book Night where we performded a skit about each book we have available at camp. Afterwards, they chose the book they’d like to read and then we read those books or played silently. We slept in the rec center under the protection of a roof.

Both nights were very fun!

Rishonim Unit Head, Eric





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