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Adin Warner, a note from a Camp Stein counselor

We asked one of our counselors, Adin Warner, to write something about why he works at Camp Stein and this is what he said:

Even if you never attended an overnight summer camp as a kid, a job as a camp counselor can be an incredible summer job experience. Being a camp counselor gives you the chance to have experiences and work on skills that are difficult to get in the same way anywhere else. Summer camp employment gives you two months of working on leadership, planning, conflict resolution, and more, all in an immersive setting, unlike almost any other job.

I have worked as a counselor at Camp Stein for two summers. These summers have allowed me to have two months out of my year to do something completely different. Camp Stein has helped me grow in ways not directly related to, but certainly complementary to, the skills and knowledge required for my STEM major.

I have been able to plan programs for both children and my peers, giving me leadership and planning experience for both of those groups. Surrounded by and working with other people 24/7 helped me learn how to get along with other people in spite of disagreements, and it necessitated my learning how to cooperate and collaborate in a work environment faster than any other job or internship that requires you to be present for only part of the day.

Being a camp counselor is also just a different work environment from anywhere else. While the most important aspect of the job is to supervise and work with the campers, there is a great deal of time when you get to bond with other staff members who are your age. You can learn lessons from people a few years older than you and provide wisdom to those a few years younger. Because Camp Stein has an international staff, you meet and create close friendships with people from around the world. Another bonus: you are surrounded by the natural beauty of the Prescott National Forest and get to take a break from the constantly connected, wired, and manufactured world of everyday life.

By working at camp, you will have opportunities to grow as a person, to discover things about yourself that you never knew, and to just do something completely different. Whatever reason you decide to do it, every person can benefit from being a camp counselor. No matter what your major, your desired profession, or your personal interests, working at Camp Stein is a worthwhile way to spend those two months over the summer.


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