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Eco Tech

Eco Tech/Teva Tech is the newest addition to the activity schedule here at Camp Stein! In this activity our campers are learning to mix up local soil and sand with some leftover straw from our old archery targets to make a building plaster similar to adobe. Our counselor, Gabi Silver, learned the adobe building techniques at the IMPJ Kibbutz, Lotan on their Green Apprenticeship Program in Israel’s Arava Desert. Gabi has brought his knowledge and creativity to Camp Stein this summer, much to our campers’ delight! Some of our campers have been experimenting with building strategies and techniques successfully making bricks, pyramids, and model cabins. Others have been basically “playing in the mud” but it’s all good!! Studies say that playing in the dirt can increase happiness in both children and adults! This summer there is no doubt that we’re doing our part to increase happiness here at Camp Stein!!


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