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Stein Times

The Stein Times: Every day during the summer we publish a little newsletter called The Stein Times. The double-sided sheet is placed on all of our dining room tables before breakfast each morning. Our campers and staff look forward to our headlines, our meal-time mixer questions, our birthday acknowledgements, as well as updates about the canoe trips, whose day it is for shuk (canteen),
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The advantage of being ‘away’

I’m not a big baseball fan. I don’t know a lot about the game, and I don’t follow it much. But I know enough to know about the World Series. And, when the World Series is happening, I often know which teams are playing and which game just ended or which one is coming up, and where. I know that there are up to
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The New Camp Stein Siddur

Blog Post by Rabbi Nicole Berne, Summer 2019 Director of Jewish Life at Camp Stein This summer at camp, part of my job was to help campers and staff generate materials to be curated and compiled during the year to become our brand-new Camp Stein siddur, by camp and for camp. The inside of the book had to match the feel and the liturgy
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Big Trip Israel 2020

Big Trip 2020 Information! THE BIG TRIP Israel is a four-week Israel experience led by our outstanding Camp Stein staff members and is available for entering 11th grade. You do not have to be a previous Camp Stein camper to go on this trip!  2020 Dates: June 1st- June 29th Registration for the trip will open on September 1st, 2019. We are very excited
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