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Camp Stein kick off

A rainy first day won’t stop the fun as Summer 2019 kicks off at Camp Stein!

We had a very smooth arrival morning on Tuesday June 4th and a lovely picnic lunch as old friends met up for the first time since last summer and new friends were made too! However, just after lunch, as the last bags were being hauled into cabins the downpours began. We had an afternoon of thunderstorms (and even a little hail!?!) but by the time the rain lifted nearly two hours later everyone was unpacked and ready to begin an awesome summer! Our first meal in the chadar ochel (dining room) was as spirited as it was tasty all the way through to the birkat hamazon complete with all the hand motions!

Our traditional evening program “Safari Night” was moved to a rain location due to the mud and puddles everywhere but it was highly successful none-the-less! As you may know, each cabin at Camp Stein is named after an animal, using the animal’s Hebrew name. Safari night is a program in which each cabin gets to perform a song, cheer, or dance in the theme of their animal—we saw a lot of creativity in the presentations!

For those who don’t know, here is a list of the cabin names in Hebrew (transliteration), English this session, and the age group that they correspond to:

Tavas Peacock Bonim Girls
Peelim Elephants Bonim Boys
Parpar Butterfly Rishonim Girls
Yatoosh Mosquito Rishonim Girls
Dov Bear Rishonim Boys
Kof Monkey Rishonim Boys
Girafa Giraffe Kadimah Girls
Chatool Cat Kadimah Girls
Panter Panther Kadimah Boys
Shapirit Dragonfly Chavurah Girls
Tzipor Bird Chavurah Girls
Tanin Alligator Chavurah Boys
Karnaf Rhinoceros Chavurah Boys

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