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Chavurah Climbs a Crater

Chavurah returned from their overnight in Flagstaff, Arizona tired but fulfilled. We drove over two hours on a bus to arrive at some ancient Indian ruins. When we arrived we walked around and got to see how these people lived so long ago. Then it was back to the bus for a short drive to the campsite. That night we had a cook-out where the staff served hamburgers and hot dogs with chips and fruit. Even though we were not at camp, the Chavurah unit head, Michaela, came up with an awesome evening program called “Characes.” The game was exactly like charades but it was a race between three teams. The kids all had fun acting out the different people and actions given to them.

The next morning we had breakfast at the campsite, filled up our water bottles, put on IMG_5023sunscreen, and headed off to the bus once again. We drove to a previously active volcano and hiked through the rubble. The campers all couldn’t believe how powerful the volcano had to have been to have left so much damage surrounding it. Then, after the short hike we drove to Sunset Crater. We looked up at the steep uphill ascent and wondered how we would ever reach the top. After about thirty minutes of uphill climbing, everyone made it to the top! Awaiting us was a gorgeous view of the crater and the beautiful scenery surrounding it. We sat in silence at the top for awhile and took in what we all had just accomplished. Hiking down the hill was a lot easier than going up and we finally made it back to the campsite to have lunch. The counselors turned plain cheese sandwiches into grilled cheese sandwiches and everyone loved them! After lunch, we had a lot of down time where we played cards, games, and rested from the long day. When it got darker, Michaela organized another amazing evening program. We all sat in a circle and faced outwards. Michaela called three people into the middle and told them to tap people on the shoulder for specific things. There were things like who has made you smile today, who is beautiful on the inside or outside, who is responsible, who do you trust to catch you in a trust fall, and who has a great personality. All of the campers got tapped for several things and the program made everyone feel happy and loved.

In the morning we packed up our campsite and had bagels for breakfast. Everyone loaded onto the bus and we headed back for camp! Overall, the overnight was a huge success and it brought the Chavurah unit closer together.