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Yom Yisrael 2018


Yom Yisrael 2018


YOM Yisrael is a day delegated to the state of Israel and at this day the whole camp is divided into two teams – white and blue like the colors of Israel’s Flag. (also, the black team who are the admins and photographers).

During Yom Yisrael this year we learned a lot of new Israeli games, sports and also card games. Also, we had a relay race which was exactly like SHVIL ISRAEL which is the route that passes all over Israel, from Hermon to Eilat. Each station in Camp Steins relay race was dedicated to a city or a place where SHVIL ISRAEL passes through. As we finished each station, campers received a puzzle piece that was part of a big puzzle which was the state of Israel. The last station was completing the puzzle of the state of Israel and then do a half court shot. We had a blast!

Afterwards, we had our sports and art events that were judged by the black team, we did a lot of Israeli games and learned a lot!

Eventually for the evening program we presented our art events and announced the winning team- The BLUE team!!!

  • Hadar

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