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Rishonim and LTPers Make Great Buddies

The ever popular camp program of pairing up LTPers (9th and 10th graders) with the Rishonim (2nd-4th graders) is back in action this session.  The LTP campers really get into this program as they act as big brothers/sisters for their buddies, sit with them during T’filah and Shabbat meals and hang out with them during all camp programs throughout the session. This session’s kick-off
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2nd Session Has Finally Arrived

With 1st Session in camp’s rear view mirror, the start of 2nd session brought with it a new excitement and energy onto camp.
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Camp Stein Pays Our Respects

Camp Daisy and Harry Stein has been in existence for more than 30 summers, located in the town of Prescott, AZ. Being part of the Prescott community has been always been something that campers, staff and families have not taken for granted and have taken great pride in.
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Yom Yisrael

Check out the excitement that was Yom Yisrael!!